Inside the present day in middle of metropolis might probably be unattainable to have the facility to assemble homes on land with an unlimited space. For that, this design is one reply to create a further dynamic occupancy, though solely with an space of 60 sq. meters inside and 50 sq. meters outside. That is good penthouse contained in the downtown Madrid. The great penthouse inside is made as environment nice as attainable whereas contemplating the fashionable. Aesthetic worth and effectivity of the great penthouse inside can also be appropriately preserved. In white shade and dynamic axis of static areas, make the world more and more widespread. Some area in sudden corners even make it further good penthouse. Utilization of area is superb contained in the penthouse, can also make the penthouse inside does not look cramped.


Penthouse hallway as consuming space


Good inside in small hallway


Curved inside design in dynamic penthouse


Big open area dwelling space


Good mattress room in small penthouse


Good youngsters’ room in penthouse


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