It’s advisable to know the Bond movies are so properly-acknowledged from 60s and 70s interval, and nonetheless fashionable even at present. Glamorous side of Bond is taken to be the theme of this Bond restaurant with its golden-lit inside and centerpiece bar. Cabinets, lighting, and a few furnishings has golden-lit accent which can be partaking and glamorous. Plainly all of the inside elements notably designed with glamorous type with some summary decoration designed to remind us of the Bond movies. This Bond restaurant is reduce up into quite a few distinct zones, every zones has golden-lit bar inside and centerpieces. Some rooms are together with one particular room. It’s smoking room designed on the as soon as extra in order that the buddies truly actually really feel snug. The whole restaurant area on this bond is designed with communicative inside to create snug and relaxed environment.


Glamour bond restaurant inside


Golden-lit bar and centerpiece


Wine cabinets in golden-lit


Bond restaurant Inside


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